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Friday, August 6, 2021: 10:00 AM Eastern

Cost Free
CPE Credits 1.0 hour

Course Description

One of the least understood strategies available to retirees is a reverse mortgage. In this webinar, Dave Hall will identify what is fact and what is fiction about a reverse mortgage, so you can better determine when to use a reverse mortgage in retirement planning. Dave will also review the details of how a reverse mortgage works and what they cost so you can answer questions others may have about the product. To get to a tax-free and risk-free retirement, you will need to implement a lot of strategies, and after this webinar, you will be able to determine if a reverse mortgage is a strategy for your retirement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the costs associated with a reverse mortgage
  • Identify who should and who should not take out a reverse mortgage
  • Identify how much money you can take from a reverse mortgage
  • Recognize what a reverse mortgage can be used for


Donna Blackard (SRES Realtor)

The Bible says our lives should glorify God and that we should enjoy HIM forever. Dave Hall’s webinars has equipped so many of us to be better stewards of all that we have. May God continue to keep Dave Hall strong, full of peace and bless his family and loved ones.

Reine Fam (Ernst&Young)

The webinar was very informative on a subject which interested me but of which i did not have much knowledge. I gained understanding of the process anc ost versus benefits of obtaining a reverse mortgage. There is much more to learn on this topic

jacob salomon (self employed)

The presenter was very knowledgeable, spoke very well, very clearly and simply knew what he was talking about and how to present his material. It was a great seminar.

Robert Slowik (Robert A Slowik PA EA CFP)

Dave is getting to be one of the best presenters at CPA Academy. His webinars are great and he gives loads of take aaway information.

Jeffrey Greenberg (Mr.)

Once again, Dave Hall was clear, concise, well prepared, and thorough. He is an excellent presenter.

David Keudell (David J Keudell C P A)

I earned my CPA certificate in 1971. Dave Hall is in my al time top 5 instructers

Gordon Dirksen (Anthem, Inc)

Dave Hall’s webinars are the best. He gives great information!!!!

Mary Hopkins (Intuit)

Excellent presentation with easy to understand delivert

Start Time

10:00 am

August 6, 2021

Finish Time

11:00 am

August 6, 2021

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