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Dave Hall is a CPA, public speaker, webinar presenter, podcaster, retirement risk advisor and all-around good guy. After graduating with his master’s degree in accounting from Southern Utah University, Dave moved to Las Vegas expecting to die there as a tax accountant, which was going along just fine until he realized he had a greater passion for helping people get safely through retirement than he did for helping them get safely away from the IRS. To follow his dreams, Dave ended up leaving his role as managing partner of the accounting firm he had helped build into one of the largest, and the fastest growing firms, in the history of Las Vegas. He eventually moved to Puerto Rico where he began putting together the pieces that would allow him to share his knowledge on what it takes to get to a tax-free and risk-free retirement with thousands of people, just like you.

Dave now lives in Tennessee and spends most of his time educating CPAs and EAs on various retirement topics. In 2020, Dave educated over 60,000 CPAs and EAs on the risks facing their retirement through 130 various engagements.

Dave Hall, The Prosperity Guy has a "wealth" of valuable information and strategies to share. He's Great!

Charles Grigg, Control Innovation, PLLC, Partner/ CEO, President

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Dave Hall has been public speaking for over 10 years and has been dominating the podcast market. He knows how to entertain his audience and can bring the content down to any level.

He is the number one educator in the retirement space.

What will Dave speak about? He will address the financial risks threatening retirees and he will explain what can be done to eliminate these risks – even for those in their 60s & 70s. These risks include tax rate risk, longevity risk, sequence of return risk, long-term care risk, income diversity risk, withdrawal rate risk, Social Security risk, and inflation risk.

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